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Once any data is received by CRS Printing, it is secured in a Tier III Datacenter with multiple layers of physical and digital security. Our network is penetration tested to ensure safety and best practices. Further, CRS Printing does not allow remote access to its network, and all read/write drives are disabled.


All printing equipment used to generate client documents is secured behind a VLAN. Any devices behind this VLAN is prohibited from having outside connections of any kind. Also as added security, any equipment that gets replaced or upgraded will have the hard drives erased, removed, and then physically destroyed on site.

For more information and documentation on how CRS Printing handles and protects client information, please contact us.

CRS Printing understands the importance of safeguarding our clients' data. That is why we have implemented secure protocols and techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all data is preserved throughout the data flow process.


How Do We Accomplish This?

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